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Color and Pattern (a very long term project)

As I look at the new website design I am enjoying seeing my several decades Fair Isle Sweater project. This is a WIP which I started back in my college days. I found my inspiration at the Estes Park Highland Games in 1986 when Rhonda introduced me to this event. We had quite a crew there in the cold and damp. I saw this beautiful stranded color sweater on someone and I have been working on creating the visual impact of that design ever since. I did not get a photo so I have been working from the visual memory. The colors, especially the blue is what got me. This is not that jumper, but the pattern is similar.

Since getting my inspiration I have learned to spin my own yarn and have created the yarn for this project, I spent many hours transferring traditional patterns from one of my many resource books using Paint.

I had nearly finished knitting the body of the sweater when I decided that I just didn't like the result of the color and pattern, so... a visit to the frog pond and start again. I compacted the transitions between the patterns and now I am much happier with the results, but now I am at the point (I think) of beginning the neck shaping and when you are designing on the fly this can slow you down as you work out the numbers. It has certainly slowed me down. So here I am with this lovely photo. I hope that as I work on the website this visual reminder will push me to finish this project. I really would like to wear the sweater sometime.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my fiber adventures and keep creating,


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