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Snowy Day Joy

Today I am burrowed in at home working on finishing a sweater and enjoying part of my Christmas present from my best friend in Denver, CO. Rhonda stitched these beautiful tea (or coffee) towels for me and every year she sends me a package of Silver Canyon coffee.

I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone with my current sweater project which I am close to finishing. The pattern, Caramel Apple from Knits Fall 2020, is worked in pieces and is seamed. Now, I usually adapt every pattern to be knit in the round with the sleeves picked up and then knit down from the shoulders. However, this pattern would have required a few more adaptations than I felt like making at that time. I wanted to get started on this project with yarn from the Doulton Flock in Yorkshire (made from sheep who live to grow old, and whom I met back in 2018.)

So here I am today, seaming up a sweater in reverse stockinette. I did a little research to find the tidiest way of getting this done. Mattress stitch in stockinette - no problem. Turns out it's pretty easy in reverse as well. Sometimes it is nice to have a simple stitching pattern in hand while you are in a Zoom meeting or watching your church service on FB live.

This sweater has stretched me in other ways too. I am used to seeing and internalizing stitch patterns pretty quickly, but this one eluded me till I was almost finished knitting. I am also not a fan of purling (not near as opposed to it as my favorite knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmermann - but it's still not my favorite thing.) The fact that the body is done in purl was another point for not working in the round since EVERY row would have been purled.

Looks like I will be stitching while I watch the Super Bowl (as long as I am liking the outcome.)

Don't forget to keep celebrating your accomplishments and keep creating.

-Rebecca (and the girlies who keep me company)

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