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Spin & Weave

I am an Ashford spinning wheel stockist.  There are many good wheels out there.  Ashford makes a variety of wheels which fit many lifestyles. I always suggest trying out a wheel before purchasing.  

Ashford Handicrafts have been in business for several generations.  I learned to spin on an Ashford Traditional, I love to weave on Ashford looms.  You can start with a rigid heddle, a multi-harness table loom or their new Jack floor loom.  They also have good books of instruction.

  • some items in stock/easy to order

  • 8 shaft table loom, Sampleit loom, hand cards, drum carders

  • Montage spinning fiber bundles, Alpaca/Merino spinning fiber bundles, cotton yarns on cones, beautiful yarns

I currently have an 8 shaft table loom available for purchase with a great starter packet.

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