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About Us

Thank you for visiting. 

This is a new enterprise for me.  Several times I have tried creating a blog.  Several times I have said I will journal this year. Here we go again with another attempt to create something in a new place.

In Colorado and in Iowa I have been a member of fiber arts guilds, been involved with other fiber artists, encouraging and instructing each other.

Over the past couple decades I have started a business which has changed in character many times.  I started with a small fiber/yarn supply business in my home, mainly selling at fiber fairs and within small friend groups.  I have shared space with and been mentored by a wonderful woman needlework shop owner.  I opened my own wee shop which grew in large part to a great community of friends and customers (taking the reins as I battled breast cancer). I closed this shop after several years as I went through a divorce.  In 2021 as we were coming out of the Covid pandemic I opened a new Tiny Yarn Shop in a hatchery marketplace.  I closed this shop as I prepared to marry again and move across an ocean.

Now I am in Scotland with my new husband looking to define my new life and find my new fiber community.

Will you follow me as I find my new path?

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