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A flower portrait

We had a great time at R. Rabbit's on Saturday - the fifth Saturday of the month.

It was cold and rainy outside, but we had a lovely, cozy day inside. Katy led a Make & Take workshop on felted flowers. I had the chance to stretch my fiber skills. If you know me at all, you know I am not a felter. If I can create a beautiful flower...well anyone can. In fact, a young man made a better flower than mine this day. (You might guess wrong if you think my flower is the blue one.)

One surprising thing to me is that wet felting does not require a large set-up, wet suit or anything so extreme.

Here we are: ready to go.

One more picture of flowers.

I don't think that I will become an active felter. But I enjoyed getting to experience a new technique. I love having opportunities to try something out without the expense and effort of collecting large amounts of supplies. The good thing about felting is that there are many ways to felt depending on your desired outcome.

We'll be offering more Make & Take opportunities throughout the year. Stop by and take advantage!

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