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Madainn mhath!

It is hard to believe I have been in Inverness for two months.  There are times when I am brought up short and think "I'm really here!" because much of the time it just feels right.

I have not accomplished all the things I had anticipated accomplishing, but it has been a big move and some big changes.

A couple weeks ago I started revamping my website and blog. I'm liking how it's turned out.  With the New Path and Wandering themes I have gone back a couple decades to the name of my first blog: Rabbit Tracks. 

I will continue to add new content, including pictures! Goodness, it is beautiful here.

  • Bubba watch - I mentioned in the last letter that my sewing machine is stuck in customs.  Who knew I could miss a machine so much.  Well, he is here now and hopefully we will have an organized space to set up soon. I have a few projects with me just waiting to be finished.

  • Gardening - Walks through town always involve peering over fences and admiring the different plants. Many things are blooming; bees are buzzing.  We love to find new locales to walk, including the local botanic gardens. I have my name on the waiting list for an allotment! My British gardening shows all talk about and share episodes in people's allotments and aside from having a certain romance, it is very practical as well since the little house also has a very little garden which is growing as well.

  • Walkies - Other walks have not been on populated routes.  Climbing up the back of the little house there is an open hilly area which leads to the remains of an Iron Age hill fort (still amazing me that I can say that) and we wander through the most amazing and fairy tale-like woods, only to come out with a view to the Beauly Firth. If we wander up the canal we can meet other walkers and their dogs.  Lily will love walkies here and dogs are welcome in most of the pubs and cafes. If we walk down towards the entrance to the firth there are the shore birds to entertain us and one evening at sunset we saw an otter! 

  • SWW - Shetland Wool Week 2024 is coming up soon.  They released the new hat pattern and introduced the patrons (a family this time) and my hat is finished. I made sure I had a collection of Shetland colors in my luggage so I could start right away. and I've been enjoying the process of knitting again with my knitting pins and knitting belt. My yarns really seems to reflect the colors of this land. A few more months and I will be wearing it in Shetland with my friend JoAnne.

  • Finding my people - A few weeks ago we discovered the Wee Fabric Shop.  It might be small but they are creative and have curated a lovely collection of fabrics and "habadashery". I may not be able to rationalize fabric but I couldn't go home without an adorable little zipper. Last weekend we took the bus to Strathpeffer for the Highland Wool Fest.  I met many wool producers, dyers, spinners and felters, just to mention a few.  I also met members of the Highland Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers.  Getting more connected!

The Shetland Wool Week toorie is complete. As I look through photos I wonder could this sunset be my color inspiration? And then some beautiful flowers: a rose with a happy honey bee at the Botanic Gardens, some Birdseye Speedwell, Foxes and Cubs and Daisies, and finally Forget-me-nots along the path.

Next letter: Fieldtrip notes from the Highland Wool Fest and the Highland Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers. Enjoy Worldwide Knit in Public Day, but remember #everydayisknitinpublicday! Rebecca


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