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I see that I haven't made any blogs posts for quite a while and so much has changed. At the end of May I closed the doors on R. Rabbit's Fiber Studio's brick and mortar shop for the last time.

This last week I've been busy in the dye studio, getting ready for the Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners meeting in Cedar Falls and for the Shepherd's Market at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

This summer I have spent time spinning and knitting with friends; at Rock the Block in New Bo, at Panera Bread on Friday mornings, at my dentist's office and many other locales. It has been nice to be a "private citizen" this summer, but I have missed seeing everyone in the shop.

Autumn Calendar - a list of some great fibery opportunities

October 2017

7th - Iowa Federation of Handweavers and Spinners - Fall meeting in Cedar Falls

14th - Kalona Spin-in

21th - Shepherd's Market - our semi-annual local fiber fair. Johnson County Fairgrounds

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